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"Providing you assistance with your garden"

Investing in your curb appeal pays dividends---both financial & personal

"helping you create the garden of your dreams"

-serving the Minneapolis, MN area

      Gardening services include...

    - providing consultation, "hands-on" training & guidance as customers learn how to become effective gardeners.

    - services include consultation on vegetable & flower gardens, perennial beds, container gardening, steep slopes, balconies, decks & patios.

    - a second opinion for experienced gardeners regarding their existing garden plan.

    - homemade organic gardening plant recipes for common insects & diseases.

(Pictured left to right: Blanket flower, Phlox, Sedum, Hydrangea, Rose bud, Cosmos, Pincushion, Echinacea)

A transformation of a front yard

This front yard garden was transformed over time as small gardens were created in sections each year.  It started out as a miniature garden area at the edges of the lawn.  The expansion slowly developed throughout the years & personality took hold.  

   BEFORE: This front yard (left) used to be a miniature yard with a small patch of grass landscape.



Rectangular pavers (middle) & a water feature (right) were installed around the front yard. The pavers provides a pathway through the garden. In the middle of the front yard is the water fountain, which is the focal point.  The gentle trickle of water lends tranquility and attracts butterflies, toads & birds.            

AFTER: Plants were carefully selected due to the light and shade requirements.  Perennial types include different varieties of Hostas, Ostrich ferns, Lily-of-the-valley, Ornamental grasses, Hibiscus, Lambs ear, Clematis, Sedum, Roses, Peonies, Japanese Yews, Barberry, and other groundcover varieties.

Ornamental grasses, sweet William & pansies make a great combination. Some of the grasses & taller perennials are not located in the back of the garden. They are located in the middle sections to add contrast. The new transformed look after three years of growth.

"Julie really knows her stuff.  She can tell you the name of any plant, its preferred habitat, when it blooms, and how large the plant will get".  -Shirley G.

A transformation of a wooded hillside


BEFORE: Although ideal for birds & wildlife, this steep, uninhabited wooded hillside is covered with weeds, wild daisies & invasive buckthorn.

After huge boulders were installed, the first project was to get rid of buckthorn and take care of the soil problem by mixing in compost/peat.  If you compost, your soil will appreciate the nutrients.  Once the soil was amended, the planting of various perennials began.

AFTER: The new transformed hillside garden without disturbing the woodland setting.  Plants should be chosen carefully, depending on whether they thrive in the sun, part shade to full shade. They will bloom at different times of the season. Try to concentrate on which plants do well with the current conditions, instead of fighting with nature. If a plant doesn't do well, you can always transplant to a more suitable area later on. If you have mature trees, the landscape should allow a combination of different sun exposures. 

With this garden design, you can follow a meandering trail of stepping stones that lead you to different garden rooms. Along the pathways you will find a combination of perennials growing through different areas, based on light requirements.  Ground moss, creeping thyme & sedum flow gracefully within the boulder crevices.


Focal points can provide a beginning and end point to your garden.  A fence, arbor or even an opening in a hedge can be focal points and all will announce the beginning of a garden. Focal points placed at a distance are used to pull visitors through to another destination in your garden. 


These photos show you new garden transformations. The gate (right photo) catches your eye, but the cedar wood is what truly pops out and by repeating the cedar wood in the pergola (bottom photo) and arbor; the eye continues to be pulled into the garden. 



This striking water feature (left) on a hill attracts birds of all kinds.  A stack of wood is effective since it compliments the natural woodland setting (right).

Hardscaping is defined as a non-plant design element of a landscape. Some examples include an arbor, pergola, walkway, walls, patio, fence, lawn ornaments, rocks and water features.


                                                    The most popular materials are made of concrete, brick, stone, wood and pavers.

Focal points can also provide beginning and end points to your garden.  A fence, arbor or even an opening in a hedge can be focal points and all will announce the beginning of a garden. Focal points placed at a distance are used to pull visitors through to another destination in your garden. 


A screened-in pergola makes a striking focal point & a wonderful place to relax. Branches are used to create a natural rooftop.


About the Garden Coach        

Julie Bischke is pleased to deliver her "green thumb" horticulture experience and knowledge with insightful ideas right to your garden! She has over 15+ years gardening experience growing herbs/vegetables, annuals, perennials, vines, shrubs and helping others with transforming their gardens.  She will bring to you her "green thumb" experience designing & maintaining beautiful, healthy gardens.  She has transformed both small and large garden areas and has spent endless hours creating different garden themes working at her hillside home in Jordan.   With an eye for creating focal points, she can teach you just anything you want to know about gardening. Offering a variety of services is important to this garden coach. If you are visiting the Jordan area, you are always welcome to come out for a garden tour.

Julie shares her passion with Carver/Scott County Master Gardeners, her husband, Tim and their cat, Autie.  The photos on this website are garden projects she has designed over the years. Her horticultural knowledge compliments her ability to bring together focal points & the ability to capture on film the distinctive mood of each garden setting.  

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